With the dreams of a British attempt of Stakeout (but admittedly far off), we embarked on the journey up to Scotland for a week of creeking. However, as often with these missions, mother nature doesn't always play game, and unfortunately the river levels were not optimum, but an epic week was still had. 

Having hardly been in a creek boat over winter due to University and unlucky river levels, I was anxious to be getting back in one and onto the river - but at the same time excited! 

Over the week, we paddled a number of rivers, including the Etive, Roy, Orkey, Loy and Spean. Within this time, I got to revisit rivers, overcome challenges and explore new runs! 

There were days where river chasing and unfortunate rain meant leaving for the river almost 8 hours before actually launching on, but then there were also days of back to back rivers and late night laps. 

All in all, it was a great week and epic to get back into a creek boat, and I am pumped to try some bigger and more technical runs in the time to come.