France 2020

With essentially all competitions cancelled for the rest of the year and travel bans across most countries, the prospect of being able to go kayaking abroad seemed a distant possibility. However, despite this, I was lucky enough to be able to get a few weeks training in the south of France at the feature Makinito. 

As water levels were on the lower side and my new boat still being very shiny, I limited loops and spaces. This also encouraged me to work on weaker, higher scoring moves and refine cartwheels and splits which should allow more linking of moves in the future. 

Training in France was awesome - being able to focus on training without competition pressures and long lines, learn new moves and just enjoy a change of scenery from Nottingham. Over our own mini training camp, I worked on lunars, phonics monkies and woo trickies, aiming to push to the higher moves. 

Unfortunately, changes in UK travel corridors meant out trip had to be cut short with a dash to the ferry to avoid a two-week quarantine once home.  

Regardless of the premature return, it was definitely still worth the training as I have returned feeling a lot more fresh for next few weeks training in Nottingham. The focus is now switching towards GB Selections as the only surviving competition of the year, which will now also double up British Championships.