Welsh Open 2018

What better way to kick the season off than a trip to Cardiff, with the sun shining and some epic water sports event?! The Welsh Open truly was super fun and awesome to be mixed in with a number of other events including SUP races and slalom. 

After catching up with old friends, it was time to get on the water and fully enjoy the sun. This year, some winter course tweaking, meant the event was now to be held in Vicarious, and it proved to be great. A quick practice involved not just the standard moves, but also raft chicken, dodging slalom boats, and avoiding wipe outs from beginners. 

Soon it was competition time and having had little practice in the feature, this event was more than ever about having fun and enjoying the start of an exciting season to come. As in traditional style, the heats were all jam style with a mix of classes in each. Firstly, paddling in the sun was epic fun, especially the real event of "Go Big, or Go Home", which saw party surfs, synchro loops and drinking Red Bull all in the wave! My actual rides seemed to go well, trying loops, spaces and McNasty's, as well as going for cartwheels and lunars. 

All in all it was a great event and I took home 3rd place in the Senior Womens, and everyone topped the day off with a BoaterX. Lets hope the sun holds out for more and the fun continues...