GB Selections

After months of hard work over winter, it was finally the day that determined whether I would be heading to the 2018 European Championships in Slovakia this summer. It had been a busy week leading up to this, with my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Presentation at Buckingham Palace, and full on revision for end of year University exams. All this meant I hadn't got on the water as much as I would have liked - but maybe I was just implementing some tapering!

On the Saturday morning, it was great to be catching up with everyone and before I knew it, it was the Senior Women's heat, first in Inlet. In my true style though, while waiting above for my first ride of GB Selections, I realised I had lost an earplug. This meant a quick relay message to my Mum on the bridge, who had a short sprint to the changing rooms to retrieve my bag which I had to search through still sat in my boat to find my spares - all as everyone's first runs continued! (It was good job I was last in the heat!)

Dropping in to the feature, with two earplugs, I was excited but apprehensive as winter meant fewer competitions and less practise. Although my first couple of rides were ok, I was still searching for two solid McNasty's in a ride, and finally achieved this on my third ride. With this secured, I was keen to really push my final ride to the more challenging routine I had been pushing for over winter, with a couple of links/combos and also a lunar orbit. However, the stoke may have got a bit too much as flushed super early - but I didn't mind particularly as was content with my rides.

After a relaxing lunch and catching up with my own personal fan club of visiting family, it was time for Selection Event number two, in Troll Hole. Although I have spent a fair bit of time training in here, and had come 2nd in NFL just a week beforehand, I was particularly anxious for the feature. Last years Selections fell apart on an unfamiliar feature which unfortunately lost me a place on GB Team for 2017 World Championships, and I was determined to not let this happen again. Luckily, both features for this years Selections were in Nottingham, so my training could be maximised. 

Waiting in the eddy above felt tense, but once in the feature I felt a lot better and was happy to secure a pretty reasonable ride but a safe one with mainly a loop and space. For the next ride, I was again searching for the McNasty (more illusive in Troll). But it proved the training paid off as I managed to throw a huge McNasty that felt so good! With this in the bag, I didn't want to become complacent. My third ride was a little bit of a flop but it was great to be feeling so much stronger in the features. 

Overall I was very pleased with my paddling, and although I have scored higher in practise and hit more difficult combos or secured more complex moves - it was a case of doing enough on the day. 

With results in, I had managed a third place in Inlet in the morning, and a first in Troll!! I was stoked!

Although provisional, I could roughly work out that I should be secured a place on Team GB for European Championships, and after a short wait it has now been confirmed!!