Euro Tour 2018: World Cups

The town of Sort is a pretty awesome town, all based in and around the river. Seeing a boat on a roof is far from uncommon. The last time i visited was for the previous World Cups in 2014, where I placed 3rd in Juniors, and now returning as a Senior was hopeful about tricks I could throw down.

Unlike many European features, Sort is pretty big, foamy and the pile is unstable, and similar to last time, I found it difficult to set up. This wasn’t helped by the World Cups starting on the Monday straight after Natural Games, leaving just a day to travel and squeeze in one short session before competing!! 

Before we knew it, World Cup #1 was underway and I was sat in the eddy waiting for the judges thumbs up. My first ride secured a spin getting points on the board, and although attempted other moves, unfortunately missed on scoring. An unlucky flush at the start of my second ride left me in 16th place and sadly not progressing. However, this gave me the time to train and get ready for World Cup #2.

With a few extra days of training under my belt, I was excited and feeling more confident for the second competition. However, despite increasing my score, the standard of paddling had really increased, knocking me out the competition in 18th. Even those these aren’t the results I hoped for, it was an incredible experience to have and definitely learnt a lot. 

Sort put on an awesome event and with plans to improve the feature, it really could be a rad event for next years World Championships.