Euro Open 2018

So it appears that any 'big' birthday of mine must land on a kayak competition of some form - my 18th was spent on Garburator during the World Championships, and my 21st at local spot, HPP, for the annual Euro Open. 

As the combination of British and Club Championships, there was an epic turnout with activities for all levels and interests, as well as other paddle events going on across the park. Everything from Freestyle and BoaterX, to inflatable surfing and 'big trick' contests. 

In addition, there was awesome support from plenty of distributors with demo gear and great deals (as well as top notch prizes). The sun stayed out for the duration and a rocking birthday party (pretty handy for me), showed off the true kayaking community spirit!!

The University of Nottingham Kayak Club came home in 2nd (sadly just missing out on a boat), while I took home 3rd in Senior Women at British Championships. I aim to continue to push up the ranks and be sure for the next birthday-kayak event!!