National Student Rodeo 2019

As one of the biggest kayak events across the UK, the National Student Rodeo (NSR) was an event I was definitely very excited for. Having previously attended as a judge, I was excited to compete this time as well, especially with my shoulder starting to feel strong again. 

The first event of NSR is the 'seeding' event, with a run down the course completing different challenges along the way. For me, this was an extra chance to paddle a few of the features and also get creative in completing the challenges! Happily, and not unexpectedly, I was put into expert women later that day. 

Unfortunately, in the heats my shoulder was quite painful but I still managed to paddle and get some points on the board, and also had some fun. Hoping to save further injury, I keep my moves largely to safe, reliable tricks including loops and spaces. 

NSR is a great community event, supported with a large party from River Legacy. It was great fun to meet new boaters and catch up with old friends too, while also supporting the paddling community. 

On Sunday, we had the finals which still ran in the Jam format to allow it to be inclusive to everyone even if it was your first competition. In expert women, I took home the win and we also came 1st as a University (getting a nice shiny Wavesport boat). 

I was very excited to have helped Uni win and also take 1st myself, but was also great to see so many people on the water especially freshers who helped win us the boat. Everyone was super enthusiastic despite the cold and all had an awesome weekend.